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covermakers since 1989

We were allowed to make harp covers for more than 22 years for one of the best-known harp brands and were thus able to gain experience and set increasingly higher standards for the materials and models used.

By making the covers adjustable, they fit different finishes and shapes, resulting in a product that is suitable for many models.

Inthe list of harp builders you can see for which harp our cover is suitable.

fabric material ...

your harp protected by 6 layers quality material ....

Most cover makers are using one type of soft foam padding material what’s giving the impression of a well-padded cover but as there are metal parts as tuning pins and sharp string-ends on the harp,the cover need much more to take care about. For our HarpWare covers we are using a 6 layer padding material and each layer has a specific purpose. In total the padding is about 18mm thick.

zippers ...

De zipper we are using is a quality brand "YKK",12mm wide heavey duty zipper. Even for the music pocket our standard is the same zipper quality. 

belts and hooks ...

Accessory pocket

You can stow your sheet music, strings etc... and special area for stowing the  harp legs.

The two smallest covers (as the one for Camac Odyssey and Bardic 27.... do have comfortable adjustable back-pack belts (left photo). The other covers (AZ, KO, MAD,) do have two shoulder straps and there are handy side grips as extra support to carry the harp.

adjustable foot part ...

Our own designed adjustable foorpart can be adjusted in widh and in length.

This allows more different models of harps to fit into the cover but also alows you to have different styles and heights of harp feeds onto your harp !